Indiscipline will cost us

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A STAGGERING 3 454 people were arrested on February 16 — the day President Emmerson Mnangagwa extended the national Covid-19 lockdown — a clear demonstration of indiscipline in the face of the killer pandemic.

On Monday, Mnangagwa extended the current lockdown by two more weeks at a time the government has started vaccinating citizens. But while Mnangagwa relaxed some of the lockdown measures, including the curfew period and allowing informal markets to open albeit after satisfying World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, some people appeared to misconstrue the directive.

“The ZRP confirms the arrest of 3 454 people on February 16, 2021 throughout the country for various offences related to contraventions of the national lockdown regulations, bringing the total cumulative arrests to 434 999.

“A total of 971 people were arrested for failure to wear face masks and 144 for opening business establishments during national lockdown except those exempted, 1 879 for unnecessary movement during national lockdown except those exempted while 24 were arrested for liquor related offences,” police national spokesperson Paul Nyathi said.

This level of indiscipline is intolerable and should end pronto. The police should be ruthless. They should arrest, without fear or favour, violators of the lockdown. We have lost too many lives to coronavirus and it’s high time law enforcers descend on violators with all their might.

With our country’s fragile public health delivery system, we can’t afford to be reckless and allow malcontents in society to violate the lockdown measures at will. We have also noted with concern the increase in vehicles being driven in and out of city centres and towns across the country. More police checkpoints must be mounted and thorough screening done to ensure only essential workers are allowed into the towns and cities.

Life has to be preserved and the only way of doing so is to ensure that the coronavirus scourge is curbed before it spreads across the country. The virus has ravaged both humans and economies across the world. It is devastating and we should thrive never to be part of the statistics. It’s either we fight the coronavirus as a united nation or perish because of recklessness by a few in our midst. The choice is ours!

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