IKO Nakamura partners Kambuzuma orphanage


Austin Karonga

International Karate Organisation (IKO) Nakamura Zimbabwe’s branch chief Shihan Tawanda Mufundisi and his family have partnered with an orphanage in Kambuzuma in a bid to help the children.

With most of the under-privileged children from the Kambuzuma District Office unable to pay the joining and monthly subscription fees required at most dojos, the Mufundisis are now training the orphans pro-bono.

The project is being spearheaded by Mufundisi’s 15-year-old son Sempai Jean-Claude, who holds a first Dan black belt, while his siblings Alicia and Ashwin will also help out.

“One day as we were training in the park, we saw kids from the orphanage watching us practice over the security wall and they looked quite enthusiastic at learning the sport of karate,” Mufundisi senior told the Daily News.

“That is when the whole idea of partnering the orphanage came about because we knew they could not afford to pay to join a dojo so we want to train them for free.”

As a result, Mufundisi has already formally requested the partnership with the Kambuzuma District Office.

“We are IKO, a non-profitable organisation. We would like to partner with you to develop our sport and support you,” wrote Mufundisi.

“Karate is a very good sport especially for children, so me being from Kambuzuma and also knowing your challenges I have engaged our leadership as IKO and agreed to assist your Orphanage in a bid to give back to the community.”

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