Joseph Makamba Busha

‘I am the most qualified presidential candidate’

OPPOSITION Free Zimbabwe Congress leader Joseph Makamba Busha says the country needs effective solutions to its socioeconomic crisis. He believes he is the most qualified candidate in the August 23 presidential election he will contest against 10 others, including President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa, the front runners in the race.

In an interview with the Daily News political editor, Blessings Mashaya at the weekend, Busha, a businessman and philanthropist, says Mnangagwa’s government has failed to revive the economy and should not be allowed to remain in office. Below are the excerpts of the interview.

Q: Zimbabwe has faced economic and political problems for many years. What do you think are the solutions?

A: The solution is to elect new, progressive, caring, principled and entrepreneurial leadership to create new industries for jobs, income and retirement security. We can’t recycle failed, selfish individuals with no strategies or intentions to do good for the greater society.

Q: Will the August 23 elections give Zimbabwe solutions to the current economic and political crises?

A: Yes, there is a chance given the pain the long-suffering Zimbabweans are going through. The solution is new leadership with a track record in economic modelling and full understanding of the capital markets – that are the backbone of funding and investment solutions for economic activities and growth.

Q: How do you assess Mnangagwa’s rule since his election in 2018?

A: Total failure. He has not done better than the late former President Robert Mugabe. We still have currency, employment and social crises. He has had no solutions since 2018, and he will never have forever. He has no capacity to run the country.

Q: Some people say a divided opposition will not win the 2023 elections, do you agree with this?

A: No, people must choose candidates they have shared values, beliefs and vision with and who are experienced in providing economic solutions. What did the pretenders in Polad (Political Actors Dialogue) achieve in five years other than being party to the looting, extractive system of Zanu PF that feeds the poor masses of Zimbabwe? People must wake up, open their eyes and see who is destroying their lives.

Q: Some say all opposition parties must unite and support Chamisa as their presidential candidate, what’s your view?

A: Those people must vote for that person, their voice. They formed the MDC Alliance. What happened? FREEZIM Congress is an authentic alternative governing party that can replace the ruthless rulers of the past and today.

Q: We are going to elections without electoral reforms. Do you think the opposition stands a chance of winning?

A: The elite rulers will never agree to reforms of any kind. The solution is for people to refuse the old and vote for the new in mass numbers. When everyone turns up and says thank you, enough is enough of the old, then we will have a better inclusive Zimbabwe.

Q: As a presidential candidate, what are your chances of winning the August 23 race and what are your competitive advantages against other candidates?

A: I am the most qualified, experienced candidate given what the country needs and has needed since 1990. I have not lived on donor and taxpayers’ money ever. I am a businessman, author, social worker, entrepreneur with a track record before volunteering to work for the people of Zimbabwe and Africa. None of the other candidates have the economic and financial experience I have to craft effective solutions for our socio-economic crisis. Lovemore Madhuku (another presidential candidate) and his colleagues from Polad are not even embarrassed for taking cars and other benefits in the scheme designed by the rulers when the masses are suffering, no medicines in clinics and hospitals.

Q: If you win in August, what are your plans for the country?

A: When I win in August, my plans are, first, restore the pride and dignity of all, and make everyone belong and Zimbabwe great again. Second, provide an energy mix solution to ensure we have enough power to scale production in factories and farms. Increase our GDP, exports, research and development capacity Third, create new industries, improve access to quality health and education. Fourth, put an immediate stop to 43 years of corruption and the extractive, parasitic system of Zanu PF.

Q: After elections do you think there is a need for political parties to have dialogue and if yes, to achieve what?

A: No, no other form of Polad. We must have free, fair and transparent elections, and ensure Zanu PF is history.

Q: How many parliamentary candidates did you field and can you run the country as president without majority parliamentarians?

A: FREEZIM Congress fielded nine candidates, and yes I can run a progressive, responsive, sensitive and caring government of the people and for the benefit of the people because I will present a solution any parliamentary representative or councillor will not find inadequate. I have a compelling, complete socio-economic model for our beloved Zimbabwe to take everyone out of oppression, suppression, fear and poverty. Students, artists, musicians, sportsmen, the unemployed and marginalised will celebrate.

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