Huawei offers insights into 5G innovation to Southern African media

Myles Matarise
Media from across the South African region experienced Galileo, Huawei’s immersive exhibition hall that explains 5G technology and its benefits.
This was the second time in two months that over 35 media houses from across sub-Saharan Africa attended the virtual tour and picked up rare insights into 5G innovation and its relevance to the region.
Following the virtual exhibition, Huawei Zambia Director of Public Relations, Hansen He expressed his delight in seeing the media being exposed to the new technology.
“Huawei was delighted by the opportunity to  help the media understand this new technology and its impact on industry.
“Throughout the virtual exhibition and also during the question and answer session that followed, reporters were able to ask in-depth questions to Huawei experts in Shenzhen, China,” Hansen said in a statement.
Huawei’s Carrier Marketing Business Group, Brian Chamberlin stated that 5G will accelerate Africa’s leap into the digital age.
“It gives people and businesses access to broadband networks without the cost of deploying and maintaining new fixed networks,” Chamberlain said in a statement.
The Galileo exhibition hall furthermore demonstrates the social and economic benefits of 5G.
The  best way to help the ICT industry and its stakeholders  appreciate the critical importance  of 5G and how countries can benefit from it, is by demonstrating realistic real-world use cases of the technology.
5G  offers enormous data transfer capabilities at incredibly fast speeds, while minimizing energy consumption.
Beyond wireless, 5G connect us to the computing, AI, and other cloud technologies to make everything smart. 


5G is on
During the Exhibition, the media was impressed at how cities in China including Shenzhen are taking steps to accelerate the deployment of 5G and how they are leveraging the technology to perform city services like inspecting construction sites quicker and more efficiently.
They are even using 5G to make the city buses safer.  Huawei predicts that 5G will help industries go digital faster and that partners and customers could be helped to unleash the potential of 5G.
Inspired by Galileo’s pioneering achievements in science and technology, Huawei has named its new 5G exhibition area the Huawei Galileo Hall and designed it with a space exploration theme. 
It showcases the technology used to build 5G networks and the business cases enabled by 5G’s key features:  large bandwidth, low latency and guaranteed performance.

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