Hot Plate Grill prides in traditional cuisine

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Tinashe Nekati


Fast growing food outlet — Hot Plate Grill House — specialising in exclusive traditional African cuisine has so far opened 10 outlets around Zimbabwe.

The outlet is a new dining experience in Zimbabwe; it is a flame grill offering unique African meals for take aways and sit-ins.

HotPlate Grill House managing director Benson Muneri told the Daily News yesterday that the business was introduced two years ago.

“Everything is themed African because we remain true to our tradition and our true Africanism. We have been blessed in that we have a huge following in Zimbabwe. People seem to be loyal to us and appreciating what we are offering. . .  they are very supportive.

“The demand for the product is great and fortunately we managed to sustain the demand by expanding and opening more stores around the country especially in the hospitality industry. We are offering Mopani worms (madora), tripes (maguru), cow heels (mazondo) and roast (nyama yakagochwa). So there is a diversity of the African food range which we are offering, in a formalised environment; we are trying to meet demand.”




The idea to open this business came in the form of a dream in which Muneri’s late father instructed him to depart his adopted home of 22 years in South Africa and return to Zimbabwe to start his own initiative.

“I had a dream three years ago in which my late father mentioned to me that I must stop working and start my own business.

“So I asked him what I should do and he said I must start selling madora and he gave me the visual of an authentic African theme where I would use wooden logs as décor to the walls which has now become the trademark in all our outlets.


“The following day I quit my job and launched Hot Plate Grill and here we are today. In a nutshell it was a dream that I followed; I am living the dream. The dream has come true and I have never looked back.”

Muneri, 40, has a staff compliment of about 300 and he has never stopped dreaming. Now he is working on an expansion drive that will see him open between 15 and 21 outlets in all major and small towns across the country as he targets at least 50 outlets. He also has a vision to grow into Zambia and Botswana next year.

“Zimbabwe is not a clear-cut market where everything is smooth sailing you need to hustle, you need to constantly engage suppliers and ensure they supply in time. We are not the best but we are aiming to be the best under the circumstances.

“We are doing fine. I never believed I would do it on my own. I thought I would always be working somewhere.

“It has been challenging, relocating to Zimbabwe and leaving South Africa . . . However, Zimbabwe is home and there is no challenge that we can’t fix.”

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