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Hip-hop musician Kriss Newtone drops debut album

8SQUARE Music’s newest acquisition Kriss Newtone, has released a 10-track debut studio album titled The Avatar State.

The project features one of the most prominent players within hip-hop spheres, Soko Matemai, on the track Sango.
This announcement comes in the wake of a critically acclaimed Listening Party which was held recently. Bursting with talent, the musician drew his inspiration from Nickelodeon’s Avatar The Last Airbender and the Avatar State is when the Avatar is in his most powerful form.

Eager to push boundaries, he proved his lyrical genius with tracks that have clear crystal articulation and are undoubtedly refreshing, with infectious good-vibes.

“It is a strenuous territory to strike out in the current entertainment industry in Zimbabwe and especially for hip-hop artists where there’s a lot of competition, criticism and rivalry,” Kriss Newtone said.

Against all odds, Kriss Newtone is seen rising up unconventionally, pushing behind his personal known
limitations with his clear cut style and redefining new school hip-hop culture.

The album resonates with a diverse audience at home and across borders.

“I just expect to attain a society around me, devoted fans who are going to ride with me all the way,” the
rapper said. Kriss Newtone’s project was not meant to diss or undermine other musicians in the industry.
“I envision this album to be nothing but good vibes for my audience. Fans can listen to it while working out,
partying or just to be getting in their zone,” he said

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