Harrison leaves Bosso. . . as coronavirus takes toll on local league

Austin Karonga

©️  HIGHLANDERS have began to feel the impact of the coronavirus (Covi-19) pandemic after temporarily suspending the contract of technical manager Mark Harrison yesterday.

The Briton arrived at Bosso at the start of the year with the promise of returning the Bulawayo giants to their glorious past.
Harrison had been in charge of Highlanders for only three months with his only competitive game being the Castle Challenge Cup final which they lost 2-0 to FC Platinum in March.
The 2020 season should have commenced a week after the Castle Challenge Cup but those plans were thrown into disarray after the outbreak of Covid-19.
Zimbabwe has been under lockdown since March 30 as health officials tried to mitigate the spread of the novel virus.
The lockdown has already been extended twice with a possibility it might be prolonged when it expires this Sunday.
The pandemic has caused chaos in the global economy and international and even local football clubs are reeling from the meltdown.
With Harrison sitting on a foreign currency-based contract which was being bankrolled by the club’s benefactors, Bosso could no longer afford to keep the Briton.
Harrison will be flying back to his homeland on Saturday to join his family in anticipation of a change for the better on developments on the ground in Zimbabwe.
“The situation across the world isn’t by the way not just football but every business is affected and obviously with business being affected on lockdown the turnover of finances has dropped dramatically and it’s very difficult for businesses to meet their obligations,” Harrison told reporters at a media briefing yesterday.
“So I met with the club to discuss the situation and we have agreed that for now I return back to the UK; I can be there with my family and wait to see what happens. Nobody knows what’s gonna happen we don’t know when we gonna play football next so it’s a very difficult situation and that’s where we are really.
“I have agreed with the club that I go back to the UK now and we re-assess if and when the situation is assessable because we could start in September we could start next year who knows so that is the situation in a nutshell. It’s not easy, it’s not something that we wanted but it’s something we have to put up with and live with, this is the present situation around the world.”
The former CAPS United and Harare City coach could not be drawn into commenting on whether he was still entitled to some perks during his sabbatical.
“The situation is I don’t disclose my financial situation to anybody wherever it is around the world; my contracts I never discuss with anybody outside my family…at the end of the day I have made an arrangement with the football club, the football club has made arrangements with me and that’s the situation,” He said.
“Both parties are happy we taking it a day at a time as I said we don’t know what’s gonna happen in the near future or in the long term future.
“When I joined here my intention was to try and bring the championship back to Highlanders and as I said at the time probably it wouldn’t happen this season and definitely wanted to make it happen in the second season.
“Nothing really changed, I think the squad is definitely stronger…the game against FC Platinum didn’t go our way.
“I think on the day, FC Platinum were by far superior than we were but I did sort of expect that because they had been playing in Caf.
“They had been together for so long, they got a good winning mentality and we were still in the very early stages of putting together a squad and for the players to get used to me. I was really looking forward to the challenge in working for such a club with so much on offer.
“It was gonna be exciting times without a doubt I do believe it would have been an exciting season that has been put on the back foot for now. If and when we can start and return then hopefully we can pick up from where we left off and push on but everything is on hold now.”
Highlanders spokesperson Ronald Moyo confirmed that Harrison remains contracted to the club.
“We all know that all sporting activities were suspended by government due to the coronavirus so there are some decisions that had to be made,” Moyo said.
“I’m here to announce that the club and coach have agreed to suspended the contract of the coach until we are sure when the league is starting because as it is we are unsure of when the league is starting.
“The contract will be suspended until we are certain that the games are starting so on that note the coach will be briefly travelling back to the UK. The coach remains a Highlanders coach the reason he’s going back to the UK is the uncertainty we don’t know when the league is going to start to be honest so the club and coach saw it best to allow the coach to go back to the UK and wait for a period we are certain that the league is going to start and come back.”



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