Harare water crisis deepens

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HARARE residents will continue to suffer as the water crisis in the capital continues to deepen. Most suburbs in the capital have gone for weeks without tap water while others have gone for months.

“The persisting water crisis in Harare is causing suffering to residents. They are now being forced to drink, and wash less and this situation is posing a serious threat to people’s health and hygiene,” Harare Residents Trust (HRT) said in a statement yesterday.

“Although some of Harare’s water reservoirs are empty because of the lack of rains, it is said that about 60 percent of the water that is left is lost through theft and leakages.

“The mayor (Herbert Gomba) has even acknowledged that more than half of Harare’s greater metropolitan area is receiving water once a week.

“Some residents are now resorting to unsafe sources of water and if this is not addressed, this situation might result in outbreaks of diseases such as cholera.”

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