Harare sets up water kiosks


Caroline Chiimba

THE Harare City Council has resolved to set up water kiosks across the capital as an immediate solution to acute shortages that have seen residents going for months without tap water due to lack of adequate water treatment chemicals and worn-out infrastructure.

Working in partnership with Oxfam, the local authority unveiled the first water kiosk that uses a tap card system to draw water from an automatic dispenser in Budiriro on Tuesday, a development that is to be replicated in other suburbs.

Harare spokesperson Michael Chideme said they are working tirelessly to improve water distribution to all ratepayers and through water kiosks they will be able to reach out to areas water supply has been hampered by infrastructure.

“On Tuesday we unveiled a water kiosk in Budiriro comprising two Jojo tanks and this project will be replicated in all other suburbs. We are currently working on setting up the next water kiosk in Hopley just like in Budiriro,” Chideme said.

The kiosk in Budiriro comprises a solar-powered borehole that has a filtration, chlorine system and the water is tested for microbial and biological composition and will be managed by the local community.

According to the authority, water users will pay $4 for a 20-litre dispenser of purified water, and the funds generated are earmarked for the maintenance of the borehole at the kiosk, buy chlorine, pay allowances for those manning the kiosk and also help maintaining other boreholes in the area.

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