Harare mayor threatens to crack the whip


© HARARE mayor Herbert Gomba has threatened to fire employees caught misusing council property amid reports that some city employees have been sabotaging municipal operations by abusing council cars and fuel.

This comes as the council has struggled over the past two months to collect refuse in some suburbs due to vehicle and fuel shortages.

Gomba said an investigation carried out recently to ascertain the main reasons behind the severe shortfalls in fuel established that some employees were utilising council resources for their personal gain.

“When I took office, I promised to rein in on costs unnecessarily causing council to lose money through personal business. I have caught so many employees who are doing this and this time I will be hard on management which seems unable and unwilling to manage abuse in council.

“I know as schools open, council fuel and cars will be used to ferry children to various schools without permission, let me warn those planning to do this that your time in council will be up soon,” Gomba said.

He added that in an environment where fuel is very expensive, it was high time council dealt with perpetrators the hard way.

“Such employees must go home to show that we mean business when we say, let’s transform the City of Harare. No one must abdicate their responsibilities on the basis of greed and deliberate ignorance to policy,” Gomba said.

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