Harare man sentenced over Mnangagwa insult


A HARARE man was yesterday slapped with a 10-day prison term after using obscene language to insult President Emmerson Mnangagwa over his “vegetables” jibe.
Tapiwa Chiroodza, 31, who runs a car wash at Divaris Shopping Centre in Belvedere pleaded that he was under the influence of alcohol and did not mean what he had said when he appeared before Harare magistrate Isabel Nyoni.
He was convicted of disorderly conduct on his own plea after telling a Zanu PF member Abdulman Sapa and his friend Simbarashe Manyame, a loss control officer at CMED that they were “fools” for supporting Mnangagwa following the vegetable jibe.
He was ordered to pay $100 fine or spend 10 days behind bars.
Chirodza is alleged to have shouted: “President vako i**** vanoti vanhu idyai nemurivo”.
The incident occurred on January 17 at Divaris Shopping Centre where Chiroodza met with Manyame and Sapa at bottle stores located there drinking beer.
When he was drunk, an altercation ensued between him, Manyame and Sapa before he attacked them for supporting Mnangagwa, leading to his arrest.
Nyoni considered that Chiroodza was a family man with two children and a wife to fend for and warned him to desist from intoxicating himself with alcohol if he loses self-control.
“The court has noted that you are a first offender who pleaded guilty and saved the court’s time. However, the court does not condone the accused person’s behaviour,” Nyoni said.
Prosecutor Benjamin Chikerema urged the court not to take Chiroodza’s conduct lightly saying his moral blameworthiness was very high for failing to respect the president.
“The accused person had no right to make such utterances about the president. The court should frown at his conduct as he did not mince his words and shouted obscenities at a public place to the nuisance of other people who were there,” Chikerema said.
“A short sharp sentence wholly-suspended on conditions the court deems fit will deter the accused person and like-minded offenders from committing such offences.”

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