Harare-Beitbridge road works: Contractors racing against time

COMPANIES working on the first phase of Harare-Beitbridge highway rehabilitation are racing against time as they try to complete the project before the rainy season.

Speaking to the media at the weekend, one of the companies, Exodus and Company site engineer Ginny Muchenje — whose firm is working near Ngundu — said they would complete their 20-kilometre stretch before the end of next month.
“We are widening the road… that is seven metres wide. We are doing surfacing of 12,5 metres width. We started work in December. Our stretch is unique in the sense that the scope is supposed to be rehabilitating and also upgrading the road.
“However, we have a section where we are doing complete reconstruction to meet the required designed standards that have been set by design engineers. We have all the equipment and all the materials. We are on target and we expect to deliver our project by mid-October. We are going to deliver it before the rainy season,” Muchenje said.
This comes after the government recently said it was happy with the progress on the rehabilitation of the road, which links the country to South Africa, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, among others.
Other companies working on the road are Tensor Systems, Masimba Construction, Fossil Contractors and Bitumen World.

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