Harare bans land sales through cooperatives

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HARARE City Council (HCC) has reviewed its housing policy and immediately banned the selling of land through housing cooperatives following an upsurge of illicit housing deals with land barons being at the centre stage.

According to the city fathers, the reviewed housing policy restores the city’s authority to service and sell land to individuals on its housing waiting list and restrict residents from dealing with middlemen or housing cooperative management committees.

“The city has since stopped issuing housing land to cooperatives as part of its wider mandate to stop the fleecing of residents of their hard-earned funds,” HCC said in a statement at the weekend.

“Residents in need of housing land should approach council directly in their personal capacities. Cooperatives that had not been allocated land before the policy review will not be allocated and members of such schemes have since been advised to deal directly with council.”

The council urged the public to stop paying money to housing cooperative management committees because there was no room for them anymore.

“Only housing cooperatives that were at various stages of completing housing constructions were given timelines to wind operations,” the city said.

“Residents are urged to visit the Remembrance Drive council offices for any land inquiries.”
This comes three months after the city fathers banned all housing pay schemes and co-operatives from charging their members administration fees.

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