Gynaecologist cleared of sexual assault charge

A gynaecologist — Tinovimba Mhlanga — from a Harare fertility clinic — Ivitro Fertilisation — who was accused of sexually assaulting a female patient at the facility has been cleared of any wrongdoing. 

Mhlanga was charged with aggravated indecent assault following allegations he violated a Harare woman, who had visited the clinic intending to donate an egg cell. 

Prosecutors had alleged that on March 14, the complainant went to Mhlanga’s workplace for a medical examination as she intended to donate the egg cell to a couple that was having problems in conceiving. 

First, an HIV test was conducted on the woman before she was told to go to the examination room where she changed into hospital wear. 

It was alleged that Mhlanga told her to open her legs for him to conduct the examination and allegedly inserted two fingers into her privates, which he allegedly did several times to the discomfort of the woman. 

It was reported that the woman asked Mhlanga if what he was doing was necessary and he allegedly told her that he wanted to check if discharge from her had no infection. 

Mhlanga allegedly went on to fondle the woman’s breasts on the guise that he was conducting a breast examination, forcing the woman to dress and leave. 

The woman reportedly went to another hospital where she received counselling after narrating her ordeal. 

Mhlanga denied the allegations when the trial opened, saying he never unlawfully and without the complainant’s consent inserted his fingers in her privates.  

He said he is a specialist obstetrician and gynaecologist of some repute and experience and that the complainant was bent on tarnishing his reputation on social media as she was being used by his detractors.  

“The accused will further state that he runs IVF Clinic in Harare.

“The clinic is mainly into assisting patients with problems in conceiving by facilitating donations of eggs from willing donors to patients who need help. 

“The charge is contrived. The complainant is working with the accused’s detractors in a covert scheme to soil the good name and standing of the accused and his practice. 

“The complainant has betrayed her nefarious scheme by pasting her alleged ordeal on social media and attempted to earn cheap sympathy from imaginary other victims,” Mhlanga’s lawyer Oliver Marwa had argued.