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Gwindi refreshes the airwaves

YOUTHFUL broadcaster Curtly Gwindi has launched a sizzling television show that premiered on Z.B.C’s Good Morning Zimbabwe last week.

Titled Trending with Curtly, the show is the first of it’s kind on local airwaves and it airs three days a week.

Gwindi’s concept is premised on trending stories on social media, joined by the 2nd perspective, Zimbabwe, where he zeroes in and digs deeper, putting a face and a voice to each side of the story.

The dynamic host, with distinct opposing views, discuses trending topics on the live studio-based talk show, which in its self is trending.

“What principally motivated me to run with this programme was the constant urge to know what it would be like expanding my journalistic wings and being on Television more consistently outside of just the seasonal appearances where my voice could be in adverts or sitting for interviews, and, coupled with what I owe to the intentional push from colleagues in the workplace who knew of my undying love for the digital media, Trending With Curtly was borne”

“With the transformation of ZBC’s Good Morning Zimbabwe becoming less of a news bulletin and more of a daily magazine show, G.M.Z became the perfect place to be the home of the Trends everybody’s talking about,” he said.

“It’s obviously true and we can’t deny it, people out of the towns may have the small box (televisions) but not the data to be on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and where social media has literally taken over the reins, (in most cases ahead of traditional media) especially during the Covid-19 pandemic era, we have been forced to be a lot more active on these aforementioned digital platforms and our mobile devices than any other in this time of our lives, therefore the show seeks to integrate all communities and viewers to stay glued on-screen for not just the social but even the educational and beneficial trending news,” said Gwindi.

Gwindi who has been in broadcasting for close to five years, in his professional work experience has covered the intersections of marketing, brand influencing, youth advocacy, television and radio broadcasting, public relations and most recently was also endorsed to be clad on for his program by the high-end quality men’s apparel line Venice Menswear, as their Official Face and Brand Ambassador.

Most recently the former Junior Parliamentarian and youngest ever elected Junior Vice President (At Form 2, Junior Certificate) was nominated at the Incorporate Zim 2021 Awards under the Categories ‘Best New Age Zimbabwean’ & ‘Most Inspirational Young Person’ amongst other firebrands like Holy Ten, Kirsty Coventry, Shasha and sportsman, George Sawezy.

Gwindi who took on the new beat after being in the Radio News Section for over a year while working with the national broadcaster was no stranger to the airwaves as he had a weekly show on StarFM in dating back to 2019, titled ‘The Heat Press’ with the popular DJ Mox & his co-host at the time, Willard Kachere (a show which had a similar discussion) and as a teenager he hosted a show titled ‘TeenConnect’ also on StarFM, after also pioneering Zimbabwe’s first University Talk Radio Show, ‘UniTalk’ while a student at The U.Z. This show which is accessible on YouTube.

“I always laugh after coming off the set with my co-presenters, Farai Gwaze and Zandile ‘Zaza’ Ndlovu at some of the engagement we are now getting on social media because of this new product on Good Morning Zimbabwe, it’s actually exhilarating to know people are tuned in for the vibes as early as 7AM. We have made it a magazine show that has sought an audience with the younger generation as well, and it’s working I must say,” expressed the 24-year-old.

“It’s been quite a number of episodes now and the entire production is just brilliant because we engage with the audience via my personal page (@curtlygwindi) and there I always package the content I receive and with my producers, we get script it to fit my presentation skills,” he said.

Speaking to the Financial Gazette he didn’t deny that his vast digital marketing experience and social media savviness may have exposed him to take on television as he worked with companies like Skylake Borehole Drilling, Galut Trading, Hammer and Tongues, companies he all helped develop on social media and even holding another position in the Digital Platforms department at the Z.B.C, it was certain destiny.

In the premier edition recently, the show had rave reviews as the audience were mesmerised by his confidence and vocal delivery.

“I am excited that the show has received positive response and it’s basically focusing on trending news on social media,” said Gwindi.

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