Gweru investigates typhoid related deaths


GWERU City Council is investigating suspected cases of typhoid following the death of two 17-year-old boys in Mkoba 12 whose deaths were suspected to have been caused by diarrhoea.

Gweru mayor Josiah Makombe, however, quickly dismissed fears that their water was contaminated after laboratory tests showed it was clean.

In 2018, Mkoba 15, 18 and 20 high density suburbs were hit by a diarrhoea and typhoid outbreak, which killed 11 people and left more than 2 000 requiring medical attention.

Makombe said although the water tests came out clean, laboratory test results from stool samples taken from some of the affected people in the area were still to come out as the city moves to detect if there are any typhoid cases.

“What happened is that the affected people are from the same suburb and we suspect that because of the incessant rains received recently, the water might have been contaminated probably at household level.

“We are not completely ruling out a possibility of typhoid because we are still waiting for the results from stool samples,” Makombe said.

“As council we have partnered with the provincial medical laboratories to conduct tests as we investigate the cause of death for the two boys and to clear any fears of typhoid in the city.

“For now we managed to test our water and results came out clean so we have gone a step further to test for typhoid and we expect results to be out by on Tuesday.”

Makombe further urged all residents with diarrhoea symptoms to immediately visit their nearest health institutions for medical attention and ensure that they drink clean water from clean sources and to consume well cooked food after washing their hands before eating and after visiting the toilet.

Meanwhile, the city health response team is on the ground collecting stool samples and water samples in Mkoba suburbs and especially in Mkoba 12 Infill suburb where the two cases which led to loss of lives were recorded.

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