Govt should make health services affordable


EDITOR — It is sad to note that more and more people are not able to afford healthcare facilities in this country, especially during this era of coronavirus.

The situation is worse for women and children and the elderly are also finding themselves without much-needed healthcare, forcing them to flock to government institutions.

The fact that people are forced to seek free healthcare services shows that things are not well in the country.
Reports that Harare Central Hospital was struggling to cope with a surging number of women seeking free maternal health services — creating bed shortages in the process at one of the country’s major referral centres, is an indication that all is not well. It is sad that these women who are performing a national duty have to seek free medical attention to bring the future leaders of this country just because they cannot afford maternity fees.

The fact that these government institutions are over-stretched shows that the government needs to address the economic challenges that the country is facing as a matter of urgency.

Government should enforce that private institutions reduce maternity fees so that women can access healthcare services without challenges.

As long as the economy is in shambles, free healthcare services will continue to be overstretched, affecting the quality of service delivery.

Government has to make healthcare affordable so that people have a choice and can utilise free services when the need arises.


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