‘Govt must be transparent’  

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Blessings Mashaya


THE Parliamentary portfolio committee on Budget and Finance has said government must be more transparent so that Zimbabweans can have confidence on how public resources are being used by the authorities.

In a report, the committee said government needs to do more for people to trust them.
“The committee notes with concern the need to take crucial steps in tax reform. There is however, need to build trust and provide proof for taxation to work. Citizens must be able to trust their governments that their hard-earned resources are being used wisely and that people benefit from projects completed through taxation funds.
“Tax simplification needs to be adopted as complex tax systems foster a culture of tax evasion and create opportunities for corruption. There is also need to merge certain taxes and eliminate some.
“The committee recommends implementation of electronic tax payment and e-filing systems which also increases compliance and saves on compliance cost.
“The committee also notes the need for non-tax reform through identifying sources of revenue; for example property tax, excise taxes and carbon tax. These could also deter unwanted behaviours such as driving cars in already congested areas, smoking and consuming unhealthy foods.”
The committee said the government must implement their policies.
“The committee calls upon the fiscal authorities to dignify these policy statements by evaluating previous policies before proposing new policies or adjustments.
“Economic agents’ confidence is built by providing feedback on policy targets and an honest self-introspection of achievements, challenges and remedial measures.
“The committee calls upon all stakeholders to act in good faith and for the good of the nation.
“A genuine social contract is needed where all stakeholders negotiate in good faith for a common good under the auspices of the Tripartite Negotiating Forum should be established,” the committee said.

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