Govt must act on pricing of basic commodities


EDITOR — It is sad that most of us are unable to afford basic commodities like sugar, mealie-meal, meat, eggs, cooking oil to mention a few just because most of these are beyond the reach of many.

It is disturbing to note that one needs to spend $1 000 on a maximum of three basic commodities namely mealie-meal, sugar and cooking oil without adding anything else.

The cost of living in this country is just too high for the ordinary citizen.

One would have hoped that the government would look at some of these issues to ensure that Zimbabweans are able to put food on the table despite the declining economic environment.

Companies are also struggling and most of them have resorted to increasing pricing to ensure that they stay afloat but this has negatively affected the ordinary people who do not have adequate resources to buy these highly prices goods.

Government needs to do something to ensure that families do not die of hunger and are able to provide for their dependents.

Government should show that it has the concerns of ordinary people at heart.

— Hungry, Norton.

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