Govt in dilemma over school exams  

©️  Government is in a dilemma whether to delay the registration of school examinations saying the delaying of registration will mean that the November examination will be written in November 2021.


The deadline for payment of examination fees for June was yesterday March 30 and April 9, 2020 for the November examinations.


Speaking to the Daily News on Monday, Primary and Secondary Education permanent secretary Tumisang Thabela said they are still carrying out an assessment to decide what the government can do.
“We are assessing the situation; we want to know whether schools are able to register. The problem is that if we postpone the November registration, the November examination will be pushed to 2021. We are looking into the issue and we want to find the best way to solve the issue.”
Contacted for comment, Primary and Secondary Education minister Cain Mathema said: “Tell people we are looking into the issue.”


This comes after teachers appealed to the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) to postpone examination registration in order to avoid the spread of the deadly coronavirus.


Recently, Zimbabwe Teachers Association (Zimta) secretary-general, Tapson Sibanda said the registration of examinations must continue after the end of Covid-19.


“Our appeal to Zimsec is that they should postpone the deadlines for examination registration. These are the deadlines that are causing panic. We also note that even some banks are no longer functional as some branches have closed countrywide as a way of controlling coronavirus.


“Covid-19 is a reality. We need not wait until a calamitous situation befalls us before we act. A loss of just one life as a result of our recklessness is not tolerated.”


Other teachers’ associations also supported Zimta’s view saying it’s wise for government to postpone the registration.


“It is noteworthy that Cambridge has suspended June 2020 examinations because of coronavirus. We are not urging for the suspension of November Zimsec public examinations, but modification of registration process, and if it can’t be modified, postponement of the travel of school heads to Zimsec centres until the threat of coronavirus pandemic subsides.


“As (Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe) PTUZ, we have approached Zimsec to abandon their irresponsible and intransigent hardline stance impermeable to reason and facts. However, Zimsec seem to claim that they are also working under a national directive whose source a Zimsec official could not reveal,” said PTUZ president Takavafira Zhou.


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