Govt committing genocide: Nurses


Blessings Mashaya

NURSES have accused the government of committing genocide in hospitals as people are dying without anyone treating them, the Daily News reports.

This comes as nurses have been on strike for a month, demanding that their salaries be paid in United States (US) dollars in full, while the government on the other hand has indicated that it has no capacity to do so.

In a statement yesterday, the Zimbabwe Nurses Association (Zina) said the government must urgently resolve the health crisis.

“As Zina, we are concerned about the silent genocide taking place in our hospitals whilst the government remains silent as if everything is normal.

“…While Covid-19 is spreading all over, government is not doing anything to capacitate our hospitals. We are surely bound to lose the fight against coronavirus (Covid-19) with this sort of approach.”
Zina raised concerns over the increase in the numbers of nurses who are testing positive for Covid 19.

“This goes to what we have been saying all along that the inadequate personal protective equipment (PPE) is exposing frontline health workers to this deadly virus.

“We reiterate that the government seems not to be taking its nurses seriously. Hopefully, by the time it decides to act, things would not have gone irreparably bad.

“We are worried that without adequate and immediate intervention, the few nurses who continuously decided to subsidise the government by going to work are going to be ravaged by the Covid-19 virus.

“To this end, all nurses, including those on probation, are still advised not to continue to go to work and to withdraw their labour. This is now no longer an issue about our health. This virus does not select between those on probation and those who are not on probation,” Zina said.

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