‘Gospel singers inspire their fans’


…Manyowa grateful to MultiChoice for supporting local musicians

POPULAR singer Janet Manyowa, believes gospel singers have a unique dual role to play; that of inspiring their fans and helping them achieve spiritual transformation.
As a music industry success, she feels these tasks are key to that success and to her relevance as a guide towards this spiritual transformation.

Janet started her musical career in 2014, releasing a debut single, Amazing God, which also featured Comfort Manyame, and then releasing a debut album, King of Glory. She was until then a qualified accountant and had started music only as a hobby.

“But I felt a calling to music from God and I am honoured to be a vessel to channel messages of importance to His people,” she said.

“I hope I can describe myself as a fun-loving, creative woman who loves God, and who has a role to play in helping other people know and understand God too.”

She was pleased with the reaction to her first album and to her entry into the world of gospel music, and in 2018 released a second album, Grateful, which includes popular songs such as Zadzisa, Nyasha NeNgoni and Muchengeti featuring Shingisai Suluma. Live performances have been plentiful and more albums and performances are planned
for the future.

Behind this seemingly smooth journey has been what she said “a lot of hard work, much discipline
and diligence.” “I thank God all the time; His grace has been sufficient,” she said. “I am lucky because my work makes
me and others happy and I love how people’s lives have been transformed and touched for the better. I have
seen restoration of hope where it has been lost.”

Awards have come her way, and she is grateful for these, but still regards being able to touch lives and
preach the gospel through song as the foundation of her career as a singer.

Advice for other aspiring singers is simple: understand the goal, work hard, be diligent, innovate and always be a team player. Watching music channels on DStv has been inspirational and educative for the popular singer, especially channels such as One Gospel and Trace Gospel.

“They benefit me as a musician a great deal, as I get to learn from other artistes and understand trends
and messages.”

Her own music features on DStv musical platforms, too, including Zadzisa, Muchengeti, You Are More, Nothing, Tomutenda nei as well as new singles Ndimi and Tariro.

“I am thrilled and grateful that my music and the messages it contains can reach an even bigger audience through these continental platforms,” she said.

Janet also enjoys watching children’s channels like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network with her three children, and SuperSport channels are popular in the home because her husband, Munyaradzi, is an avid sports
She is often asked for advice by fans and friends on getting through what can be a difficult life, and her thoughts
centre on being positive. “ B e f ocused and honest and hardworking in everything you do and, wherever God has placed you, it will all pay off in the end.”

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