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Gospel singer searches for Mrs Right

GOSPEL singer, Tariro Masawi is searching for a God fearing wife.

The 38-year-old UK based composer, said it’s high time that he gets himself a faithful wife.

“I am looking for Mrs Right who is God fearing. It’s high time, I get a good wife. Love has been difficult to find and I am now ready to find true love,” he said.

He added: “If there are any suitable suitors, I am open. I want someone who believes in God as this is important since I am now a Madzibaba.”

Masawi, is currently perfecting his six track album which is due soonest.

“We are working on the album which will be ready anytime and it has a hit song Baba Erica.

“I am also delighted with the response I am getting on my social media platforms such as TikTok,” he said.

The social media influencer says he sings in the modern Madzibaba and hopes to work with different artists abroad and back home.

He has since clocked over.

“I am a modern madzibaba therefore this is reflected in my sound. I am a good piano player. I read and write music which makes my songs impressively dynamic.

“I am also a true believer so this sets me apart or maybe makes me just as good.”

Masawi studied at a music school in Wales, United Kingdom.

“I am currently working on my gospel album since I recently found my faith as a Madzibaba in St John Apostolic Church of the whole world.

“Soonest I want to work with different artists including Mambo Dhuterere and any Zimbabwean artist that will embrace my talent.

“Mambo Dhuterere is my pastor.

“I have worked with DJ Anusa from Zimbabwe and he helps with the backing tracks to most of my songs.

“Zimbabwean sound is all about the authenticity and the drum beat. Zimbabwean music is honest and is the sound of freedom.”

Having been in the industry for more than 14 years, Masawi is a flamboyant Madzibaba.

“I am modern Madzibaba since I want to engage everyone, including today’s generation.

“Zimbabwean music is getting popular but due to the economic situation in Zimbabwe most talents are leaving the industry due to poverty.”

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