Good Samaritan escapes death

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Tamary Chikiwa


A  TSHOLOTSHO man is lucky to be alive after he was stabbed with a knife several times in the stomach, leaving his intestines protruding.

The man, whose identity was not revealed, told the Tsholotsho Magistrate’s Court that he was stabbed when he tried to stop his attacker, Ndabezihle Matrabuli, 42, from fighting his colleague.

The man fighting Matrabuli was also not named in court.

The court heard that the incident happened at Masuza General Dealer shops in Tsholotsho where the good samaritan tried to stop a fist fight between the two men.

Matrabuli reportedly turned on the victim and stabbed him several times on his body and stomach.

The man started to bleed profusely and his intestines were left hanging out.

After realising that he had injured the victim, in addition to being scared by the number of villagers who were converging on the crime scene, Matrabuli fled.

“The victim was rushed to Tsholotsho hospital for treatment and later ferried to Mpilo Central Hospital as his condition worsened,” the court heard.

Matrabuli was arrested several days later after police in Tsholotsho were tipped off by villagers who had witnessed him stabbing the victim.

“Police traced his whereabouts leading to his arrest,” the court heard.

Matrabuli, who is facing attempted murder and assault charges, was remanded in custody to March 3 for continuation of trial by Tsholotsho magistrate Victor Mpofu.

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