Goldswift Construction Projects Manager Mrs Thandiwe Nziramasanga received a Virtuous Leadership Award from the Zimbabwe CEO’s Network

Goldswift Construction revolutionises construction industry

GOLDSWIFT Construction project manager Thandiwe Nziramasanga has pledged to bring the A game to the local construction industry through tailor made and market tested services and products under their flagship brand.

As government and the private sector continues to push the housing for all narrative through various projects and to initiatives, Nziramasanga who recently walked away with a Virtuous Woman Leadership award at the recent Zimbabwe CEO’s Network awards said professionalism will carry the day for this important and noble undertaking.

Speaking to The Daily News, Nziramasanga said progress in the construction industry to date speaks to good economic prospects hence the need for proper regulation of the industry.

“Housing for all is a welcome ideal and as a mother and a woman in construction, I am encouraged by the efforts being made by both government and the private sector in the quest for affordable housing.

 “Having been in this industry for almost a decade, I can safely say Real Estate is a good investment and owning a home or property is a dream for everyone. However, it is very important that as you invest in property you do it the right way. Everything must be done right starting from the land acquisition to the actual construction and commissioning of your property.

Many have lost a fortune after buying land from barons who sell undesignated land or they engage dodgy construction players that short-change them through poor structures. At Goldswift Construction, we are bringing the A game to the industry through quality services to those that seek quality, professional and market tested construction services,” she said.

“A viable construction industry is a good indicator of economic development and progression. When a country’s populace embraces continuous improvement at personal and business level, they invest in erecting buildings and structures that ensure corresponding quality shelter for their families while housing their business ideas for increased productivity.

“This explains the general progression of the local construction industry even amidst the generally challenging economic environment. “At Goldswift Construction, we are happy to play our part in ensuring sanity in the local construction industry towards economic growth,” Nziramasanga said.

Established in 2015; Goldswift Construction is a multi-award-winning company which has embraced quality and affordable construction services that border on excellence. Nziramasanga said their business scope feeds into existing programmes by both government and private players aimed at ensuring housing for all while ensuring a viable economy that promotes excellence and productivity across sectors.

“We are a growing organisation led by qualified and experienced personnel that carry big dreams to build the value of the business and increase its market presence through brand development so that it becomes a by-word for quality and consistency.

Beyond satisfying the market, we believe in good corporate governance, although our focus is mainly on the customer and we maintain an active role in society. We are therefore happy to see continued efforts to regulate the local construction industry,” she said.

Every project is an opportunity for us to prove our mettle and we are happy with the positive feedback that we are getting. Repeat business forms the bulk of our portfolio and bedrock of our future success,” she said.

Of her experience in the male dominated construction industry, Thandiwe said she was happy to be playing her part in the male dominated industry and is proud to have formed a formidable.

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