Girlup dance for self-defence


UNITED Nations foundation, Girlup, will be hosting an international women’s day self-defence and dance class at the National Ballet Dance, Belgravia, Harare on March 7.

This dance event began as an American campaign for American girls and now it has long spread across the globe with over a million advocates around the globe including Zimbabwe.

The Girlup campaign advocates for the rights and empowerment of adolescence girls and young women in Zimbabwe.

This year their goal is to increase awareness on gender-based violence under the theme “366 days against gender-based violence” hence the self-defence class will teach women basic self-defence moves to protect themselves from violent attacks and gender-based violence.

Girlup president Nyasha Muzadzi said with the issue of Mashurugwi gangs on the rise, women and girls are an easy target of abuse such as rape and murder.

“Therefore, this dance is in a bid to equip women and girls on how to protect themselves.”

She told the Daily News that the feel good all dance session will be part of promoting a fun day out for women and girls for a good cause.

Girlup will host this dance event in partnership with the Dance Trust of Zimbabwe, Kyokushin Kenbukai karate organisation, Infinite dance group and Mugoh media.

“People are so excited about this event that we think we will have an overflow of women and girls,” Muzadzi said.

She further added that the rampant levels of gender-based violence cases occurring in the country inspired this event. Muzadzi added that they thought instead of raising awareness only for the internationally held 10 days, their agenda is to raise awareness for gender-based violence for 366 days.

“There is no better way to celebrate women than empower them with such skills and a feel good dance session so that they have fun. Girls and women from the age of 13 are invited for this amazing event,” Muzadzi said.

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All proceeds at the event will go towards funding a young girl who is a victim of gender-based violence to attend school by buying her school uniforms and paying her school fees.

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