Liquisto Managing Director Aernout Verhallen

Germany firm Deutsch Connect strikes deal to boost local industry

A Germany innovative company has taken heed of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s call of re-engagement and is set to invest in the country.

The entity sells high end industrial machinery and equipment from leading manufacturers at up to 90% reduced prices on selected products.
The partnership will see Deutsch Connect, an entity owned by a young Zimbabwean, becoming the exclusive official partner for Liquisto in Southern Africa.

Liquisto offers a wide range of hard-to-find products by providing worldwide access to high quality German industrial goods.

Liquisto is an innovative company that generates liquidity from excess inventory for industrial manufacturers through a unique combination of predictive analytics and e-commerce technology.

Furthermore it make excess high-end industrial products accessible and affordable for purchasers through a curated e-commerce platform and community.

Speaking from her base in Germany, Deutsch Connect Co Founder and Head of Client Acquisition, Elitah Sandau said that besides the reduced prices, what impressed them the most was the core values of Liquisto that include sustainable impact, a future free from manufacturing waste and intelligent matching of excess inventory with untapped demand.

” At a time the world is battling climate change issues it is a breath of fresh air to find partners with innovative solutions that also make sustainable Impact.

As Deutsch Connect we believe that the Machinery and Equipment available through Liquisto and leading German manufacturers will revolutionarise the Southern African Market. Our key focus is in Agriculture, Mining, Manufacturing and Health sectors and it is widely known that German Machinery is durable, efficient and second to none. The fact that our clients would be buying at reduced prices which are very competitive, is an added bonus. ” Sandau added that they were currently looking for distribution partners across the different countries in Southern Africa.

The Liquisto business model is unique in that it will enable easy access and affordable prices for purchasers who will buy industrial goods at reduced prices from leading manufacturers and all goods come with a durability guarantee and some products come with a full manufacturer,s warranty.

Liquisto Managing Director Aernout Verhallen said he was excited to be entering the Southern African Market through Deutsch Connect and highlighted that their products are from leading global manufacturers with the highest quality standards and easy procurement for clients through e-commerce,
” We provide Generic and specialised industrial goods that are otherwise hard to obtain ,and make them easily accessible through a simplified buying and delivery of products with convenience of contemporary B2C e-commerce. We offer first class products, durability guarantee, attractive prices and specialised products from Germany “

Liquisto partners include leading manufacturers like Siemens, BeumerGroup, Lenze, Stübbe, Bucher Hydraulics, Festo, Renner, Netzsch, Jumo, Johstadt, Hach, ifm electronic, Evoguard, Saphirwerk, Reed, Peraplas, emtechnik, ProMinent and Rittal among others.

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