‘General strike the only way to go’

ZIMBABWE Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) president Peter Mutasa has said they are consulting other unions so that they will embark on a general strike as they want to avoid victimisation from the State security agents.
Mutasa told the Daily News recently that teachers and doctors have not had successful strikes because of alleged victimisation but if the strike is done by all workers, the government will not be able to stop it.
“The workers know the system is brutal so if one sector, if teachers or doctors embark on a strike they will be easily targeted by the State security. What we are doing now is that we are going to call for a general strike, we are currently consulting general workers and different unions even those who are not members of the ZCTU. The general strike is the only way to go because they will not be able to victimise all workers.”
Mutasa accused government of dividing workers through formation of various workers’ unions.“The government is dividing workers, some workers are being threatened and some are being given money to abandon the strike.
“We are saying workers’ unions must come together. Days are numbered for those workers who are receiving money to derail the struggle.”
However, recently Mutasa said workers cannot remain silent while the government is failing to address their plight.
“This year, workers across sectors are going to down tools. Workers are going to engage in various sustained peaceful protests. Only fools will begrudge workers for resisting slavery and economic dictatorship.”
Last January, people heeded a ZCTU call to protest against fuel price increases, which saw about 17 people being killed as security forces quelled the demonstrations which turned violent.
Mutasa said they have been left with one option of confronting President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime.
Also last year international labour unions raised the red flag on Zimbabwe saying the government must make sure that the rights of workers are respected.
Mutasa and secretary-general Japhet Moyo are among dozens of political and human rights activists who are facing charges of subversion related to the January 2019 protests.

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