Gadzirayi launches cancer run

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Austin Karonga

FORMER Footballers’ Union of Zimbabwe (Fuz) administrator Marlene Gadzirayi has introduced the Run for Cancer September fitness challenge to raise awareness on the disease and its effects on patients.

Gadzirayi recently beat the disease and has now dedicated her life to inspiring other cancer patients so they can have the courage and hope to fight.

In this latest challenge, she is urging individuals to run at least 5km a day and help raise awareness regarding cancer.

“It’s not just about running, but about pushing boundaries. This is not a weight loss challenge. If it means you will walk five steps each day, so be it. If you can spend five minutes thinking or talking about cancer, that’s good enough,” Gadzirayi told the Daily News yesterday.

“I was one of those people whose cancer is in remission and I’m grateful to God and my family and friends, who supported me spiritually, morally and financially.

“In the past year we have seen a surge in the number of cancer cases, with most succumbing to the disease.

“I have lost friends and people whom I had started journeying with. Through this experience I felt that we do not make enough noise about cancer and I also feel that it should not be an afterthought in our lives, for it has become so much a part of us, the more we know about it, the better prepared we will be to fight it.”

She said the main aim of the challenge is to increase awareness on cancer and its effects on the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans.

“Cancer is not Christmas, let’s talk about it daily. Cancer is more than a morning walkathon or a day’s event. I believe that it is time to demystify the condition called cancer, to have open conversations, to learn, to lobby and to advocate,” she said.

“We all have at some time in our lives lost a parent, sibling, child, relative or friend from the scourge of cancer. A big event would be great provided it will be more than just a marathon.”

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