Tafadzwa Chongo, master-controllers at 3Ktv,
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From the master controller into your homes


EVER wondered what the process is from the final recorded product to your screens? This week, we are featuring Tafadzwa Chongo, one of the master-controllers at 3Ktv, who will shed more light on this.

Q. Tafadzwa, I’d like to know how you started working at 3Ktv?

A: Thank you for having me. I saw an advert on social media and I just took my chance. It’s been a ride.

Q: Take us through your role at the station?

A: It’s been a journey. I started as a graduate trainee technical operator and now I am a Master controller (Transmission Controller). My roles include high quality broadcasting by monitoring on-air and cable broadcast signals, following the programme log to air programmes and breaks, monitoring, controlling and resolving any on-air problems, which might occur. In simple terms, I’m responsible for transmitting the pro[1]grammes you see on TV.

Q. Sounds exciting. So for those who also want to follow in your path, what are the requirements? A. One of the most crucial requirements as a Master controller is high level of concentration and attention to detail, as this is the heart of the station (you can’t afford mistakes) and also a professional qualification in Media is a necessity

Q. You are a natural creative. Self-taught graphic designer. Tell us about that?

A. Well I have always loved visuals and communication and therefore, I’m naturally linked to anything media. I believe my creativity is one of the reasons why so many doors have continued to open in terms of my career.

Q. What does making a mistake in your line of work look like?

A. Hahaha if you want every phone in the office to ring including yours make a mistake, in other words I can’t afford a mistake in my line of work.

Q. What’s your favourite show?

A. Book Club, because I’m a huge fan of literature

Q. Any message to the viewer out there?

A. Chase your dreams and work on them until they become a reality and make sure you never give up.

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