‘Fraudster’ links self to Mnangagwa

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Blessing Masakadza

A HARARE woman has appeared in court on allegations of fraud with the State alleging she was linking herself to President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Chirambe Chikafu, 44, allegedly used the name Chantelle Mnangagwa in the offences before her real identity was discovered. She was not asked to plead to two counts of fraud before Harare magistrate Victoria Mashamba, who remanded her in custody to June 23.

Prosecutor Lancelot Mutsokoti opposed her admission to bail saying she was in possession of four different identity cards and had a propensity to commit further crimes, linking herself to Mnangagwa.

The State further said she was a flight risk and that she had supplied a false address to the police which turned out to be a college.

Through her lawyers, Chikafu denied misrepresentation claims saying she is actually the daughter to the president’s brother, Patson, and that he had deposited an affidavit confirming it.

Her lawyer said Chikafu had lost her identity card and as it stands, she does not have any identity particulars.
In the first count, it is said sometime in 2010, she hatched a plan to defraud CBZ Bank and manufactured a fake defensive driving certificate with the name Chantelle Mnangagwa.

She allegedly tried to open a bank account with the fake details, but it was not successful as she was required to submit valid identity details, driver’s licence or passport.

It is further alleged that on December 10, she connived with a CBZ Bank employee and opened an account without the identification details before applying for a US$2 000 loan which was approved and credited into her account.
It is further alleged that on August 18, 2010, she also applied for an overdraft of US$15 000 which was also approved and credited into her account.

“She is said to have submitted a deed of transfer in the name Grace Chikafu and withdrew all the money.
Further allegations are that on September 14, 2012, a loan of US$20 000 was credited into the account.

The State said Chikafu failed to repay the loan, resulting in it accruing interest of US$88 775.
Reports are that the offence came to light at the High Court and it was discovered that she had stolen her mother’s deed of transfer and used it as surety. Investigations reportedly revealed that her true identity was Chirambe Chikafu.

She reportedly prejudiced the bank of US$40 000.
In the second count, it is alleged that on October 12, 2012, Chikafu wanted to obtain a special grant on reserved area, Umfurudzi National Park in Mashonaland Central to mine gold.

It is said the procedure needed agreement from the director-general of Parks and Wildlife Management Authority before approaching the Mines ministry.

It is said on November 19 the same year, she approached the Wildlife Authority legal officer and misrepresented to be Chantelle Mnangagwa, seeking an agreement to get a special grant to mine at the safari and presented an identity card in that name and she obtained the agreement.

Allegations are that she went to the Mines ministry and misrepresented to be Chantelle Mnangagwa and applied for a special grant of 200 hectares under the reserved area, and it was granted by the ministry.

Reports are that the offence came to light when the Mines ministry discovered that the special grant was pegged on an already existing mine for John Mawungwa.

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