The television station continued to shine, with more exciting programmes lined up for viewers for the next 13 weeks of the third season.
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Find out how it’s getting all tangled up

| Tuesday 28 June 2022 

@19:00 Hours

|PGA  S2 


Find out how it’s getting all tangled up on today’s episode of #TangledS2 on 3Ktv tonight at 1900 Hours. Follow us on social media, @3KtvZim across all platforms #TheBestOfZimbabwe

Your Wealth

| Tuesday 28 June 2022

@20:30 Hours

|AA S2


All things money, wealth, investments, stocks, and all business news, watch your wealth tonight at 2030 Hours on 3Ktv. Follow and subscribe to @3KtvZim across all platforms.

Our Zim

| Tuesday 28 June 2022

@18:30 Hours

|AA S1


Travelogue on Zimbabwe’s tourist attraction resorts.  Follow and subscribe to @3KtvZim across all platforms.

Iron Rose| Telemundo 118


| 13VL ‘S2/E4 of 80 – 2/4’.

León tracks the truck at the bakery, and interrogates a suspect. Meanwhile, Altagracia asks Roldán to get Daniel and Matamoros out of jail.

MasterChef USA| Me 115


| PG13L ‘S11/E7 – Nancy Silverton — Pasta Challenge’.

Renowned Italian Michelin Star chef Nancy Silverton challenges the cooks with a fresh pasta challenge. After her demo, the cooks must impress with a pasta dish of their own.

Hudson & Rex| Universal 117


| 16 ‘S4/E3 of 16 — Rex Marks The Spot’.

When a journalist is killed while looking for buried treasure, Charlie and Rex take a deep dive into the competitive world of treasure hunting.

Shakespeare And Hathaway: Private…| BBC BRIT 120

@19:02 – Tue, 28 Jun | Family ‘Shakespeare And Hathaway: Private Investigators.

S3/E7 – Best Beware My Sting’. An energy tycoon hires Frank and Lu to keep an eye on his wayward eldest daughter and oversee the wedding of his youngest daughter.