Financial mess. . . as football is locked out due to coronavirus 

©️ Nigel MatongorereTHE delayed start of the 2020 Castle Lager Premiership season due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) will see most clubs struggle to survive as financial implications start to emerge.
The domestic season was expected to kick off last weekend but the spread of the novel virus made it impossible.
The government had initially banned all public gatherings including sporting events with more than 100 people.
As the disease continues to spread globally and Zimbabwe reporting one death and five confirmed cases, the government has stepped up the measures with a nationwide lockdown for 21 days beginning tomorrow.
During the lockdown, only security services and personnel from sectors deemed essential by the government with be allowed free movement.
At this point, it is not immediately clear when the outbreak will end and normal life as Zimbabweans know it is at the moment far away.

Dynamos chairperson Isaiah Mupfurutsa said the Glamour Boys have been left counting their losses after having invested a lot of funds into their preseason.

“This has had a huge impact on our side. We have gone through a full pre-season preparation and we had invested a lot; it comes with huge costs.

“We don’t know how long this thing is going to take and in terms of preparations it means we are back at square one again. It’s like we are in off season once again which means we will have to use more than what we have budgeted for,” Mupfurutsa told the Daily News on Sunday.

CAPS United were one of the biggest spenders during the preseason as they brought in over 20 new players in the hope of ending last season’s disappointment of losing the title on the last day.
“There are huge financial implications not only for CAPS United but the Zimbabwean economy due to this pandemic.
“However, football is the worst effected with all the other clubs having invested a lot of money in preseason preparations.
“At the moment we are not training and when the season eventually resumes, it means we are going to pour more money in second preseason programmes,” a CAPS official told the Daily News on Sunday.
For the Green Machine though, the biggest challenge is their wage bill.
“Labour costs are the biggest challenge for us at the moment because we have to honour those contracts with the players and the staff while they are sitting at home.
“When we did our budgets, we had projected that the season would run from March to December but in this case, it is going to overlap.
“So it means we will need to rework all the budgets we had done at the start of the year, factoring in everything which has happened,” the Makepekepe official said.
On gate takings, he said: “Our revenue projections will not change much because when the season eventually starts, we will still play our 17 homes game. What has happened is that our revenue inflows have just been delayed.
“If we had hoped to get
$100 000 in March, we are now likely to get that money in August or the near future.”
European leagues have been the hardest hit as most teams are going to lose billions of Euros during this global pandemic.
A staggering £1 billion has been wiped off the value of Manchester United, on the stock market, in the first week since fixtures in the English Premiership were put on hold.
The Red Devils’ share price plummeted from £16,53, at the start of the year, to just over £9,92 at the start of a very trying week for the game.
English teams stand to lose £750 million from broadcasters as a fine if they fail to complete the season.
Players have also been asked to take massive pay cuts because teams are not generating any income during this period.


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