Film inspires local filmmakers


GONAREZHOU: The Movie is a product of passion and dedication and should serve as an inspiration to other filmmakers, the writer and director has said.

The anti-poaching movie stars popular actors Eddie Sandifolo and Charles Muzemba together with songstress Tamy Moyo.

It has since received recognition of the biggest African American film festival in the United States, Pan African Film Festival, being nominated for Best First Feature Narrative and a world premiere set for February 17 and 21st.

Speaking in the capital yesterday ahead of the movie’s world premiere in Los Angeles, the writer and director Sydney Taivavashe said the project was self-funded and they had to do with what they had to ensure that it comes to fruition.

“This was a self-funded project. We did not wait and we had to do with what we had. The nomination should be an inspiration to other filmmakers,” he said.

The award-winning filmmaker said the film industry in Zimbabwe deserves support just like any other sector and it should be transformed into a business.

Taivavashe and his co-producer Tariro Washe said they will be having a local premiere in April which will see them in different cities such as Masvingo so as to promote the product.
The movie centres on a young man named Zulu, a role played by Sandifolo, who joined a notorious armed poaching group after a series of misfortunes in his life.

Zulu finds love in the form of Thulo; at the same time the government sends an anti-poaching unit to curb the scourge by shooting the poachers.

His plan is to escape with his newly found love after one last job and he must navigate out of this highly charged environment to meet with his fate, good or bad.

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