Felton Kamambo files for exception


ZIMBABWE Football Association (Zifa) president Felton Kamambo, who is facing 32 counts of bribery, will
today apply for exception to the charges.
His trial was supposed to open yesterday, but presiding magistrate Trynois Utahwashe was not available on health grounds.

His lawyer Advocate Tawanda Zhuwarara said he would make the application. Prosecutor Michael Reza said had the magistrate been there, he would have pushed for trial commencement.

Regional magistrate Bianca Makwande will hear the application today. Kamambo is accused of bribing voters to win the Zifa presidency.

He is alleged to have made mobile money transfers to Zifa councillors in exchange for their votes in an election where he beat former president Philip Chiyangwa, who is the complainant in the matter.

Allegations are that in December 2018, Kamambo offered gifts to the councillors who were to vote in the Zifa congress by sending them money through a mobile money platform.

Among the councillors are the late Willard Manyengavana, Denis Thsuma, Mhloro Tavaziva, Edward Chekure and Stanslous Nyachowe and Brenda Bvudzijena, among others.

It is alleged that all the gifts sent to the councillors were meant to induce them to vote for him and he was declared winner with 35 votes against Chiyangwa’s 24.

The money was allegedly sent between December 1 and 16, with the recipients getting amounts from $50 up to $400.

The State alleges that there was no arrangement between the Zifa electoral committee and the voters for them to receive such favours.

The State says they are in possession of all the records of the mobile money transfers that were allegedly sent to
the voters by Kamambo.

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