Farmers urged to harvest water


Lands and Agriculture ministry has urged farmers to utilise mulching, rain water harvesting, among other methods to conserve rain water ahead of the dry spell anticipated in the weeks to come.
Although notable rainfall has been observed throughout the country for over three weeks now, the Meteorological Services Department has warned that a dry spell will be experienced by end of this week due to incoming dry winds from the south.
“We are urging farmers to harvest as much water as they can in the next three weeks. They can use road run-off or rooftop water harvesting channelling it through gutters into storage tanks.
“The water can also be harnessed into dams, water pans and ponds. Most farmers have these but they may need to be rehabilitated to ensure full storage capacity. Farmers should make deliberate efforts to rehabilitate these water points which can also supply livestock with water for drinking,” Agritex head of agronomy Rutendo Nhongonhema said.

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