Fake information will help nobody


THE world today faces a common enemy — coronavirus (Covid-19) — and as such a collective, all-inclusive approach is needed to defeat the foe.

So much has been said about coronavirus since its outbreak in Wuhan, China, in December last year, including fake information.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has given guidelines which respective global governments have adopted and these are buttressed by ongoing research which constantly updates previously-held prescriptions.

In a way, these remain the guidelines which should be followed the world over. Different governments must make life easier for their citizens by preparing adequately and not hope the disease will skirt their borders and ports of entry.

In our own country, we must identify, adapt and adequately equip those facilities that we will use to treat and isolate patients. There is no need to lie about our capacity to deal with the disease, which has killed close to 20 000 people globally.

Zimbabwe has recorded one death from the deadly affliction.
Surprisingly, the country has so far tested only around 100 people for the virus — a figure which is obviously too low and enough to raise eyebrows. One question we should ask ourselves is whether Zimbabweans are presenting themselves for testing. Maybe the reason lies in inadequate test kits or mere stigma.

So many lies have been told about coronavirus — especially on preparedness and capacity to deal with the disease — from both official government sources and the opposition. There are some among us — and it is very sad — who think they can take advantage of the obtaining crisis to chalk up their political mileage by telling lies about the crisis.

We are only waking up now from a deep slumber to realise we are in a crisis. A global crisis with the potential of wiping all of us off the face of the earth. This is not the time for cheap politicking.

Lockdowns are meant to help all of us. The Chinese lockdown, for instance, has produced results as the populous nation is not recording any new infections and already, they are mulling lifting the lockdown. If all countries of the world could individually introduce similar lockdowns, the world might control the spread of the pandemic sooner.

We cannot continue to lie – to ourselves as individuals, governments, the opposition, the poor or rich – in the mistaken belief that we will be immune from coronavirus because the virus affects anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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