Executor opposes Ginimbi’s family claims

Nyasha Dube

THE executor of late socialite and businessman Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s estate, Patricia Darangwa, has denied allegations that she influenced his relatives into accepting an unsigned will.
Ginimbi, who had interests in the energy, logistics and entertainment sectors, passed away in a horrific road accident on November 8 last year after his Rolls Royce Wraith burst into flames following a collision with a Honda Fit along Borrowdale Road in Harare.

Ginimbi was driving from his Dreams Night Club together with his friends Mitchell “Moana” Amuli, Karim Lumumba and Alichia Adams, who were all burnt beyond recognition in the wreck. The late businessman’s father Anderson Kadungure and sisters Neria and Juliet filed an application at the High Court on February 23 denouncing Darangwa.

The Kadungures alleged that Darangwa had coerced them into accepting the unsigned will and her position as the executor by threatening to sue and subject the estate to unwanted delays.

In her response to the suit filed on Monday, Darangwa averred that the application by the Kadungures was incompetent and should be struck off the court roll as there was no evidence to back up their claims.

“To prove that the applicants were not unduly influenced by the first respondent (Darangwa), none of the applicants (or any of the other family members or beneficiaries) appealed against the decision of the Master of the High Court accepting the will.

“This is consistent with what is contained in their affidavits. The probabilities favour a finding that there was no  undue influence. No evidence of such has been placed before the court,” she argued. Darangwa further noted that the affidavit by Juliet had misrepresented the facts of what had transpired in the meeting between the lawyer and the Kadungures on November 15.

She stated that she had not coerced them into accepting the unsigned will as what the family now alleges, but rather, they had accepted the document as the wishes of the deceased.

“On the 15th of November 2020, the applicants invited the first respondent to the deceased’s residence in Domboshawa to read out the will.

“The first respondent obliged. She showed the family members who were present (including the applicants) a copy of the will. “Everyone in attendance at this meeting accepted that the unsigned will was an expression of the deceased’s wishes. Family members, including the applicants, signed affidavits confirming that the unsigned will reflected the intention of the deceased,” Darangwa added.

She also argued that the incident of the selling of the deceased’s Lamborghini vehicle had been taken out of context as she had, with the authority of the family, attempted to pass it on to Ginimbi’s closest friend Nomatter Zinyengere better known as Kit Kat as was stated in the will.

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