Ex-minister officially divorces

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FORMER Labour deputy minister, Tapiwa Matangaidze and his wife of 24 years — Rebecca Matangaidze (nee Chimbera) — have officially divorced after the High Court granted the request for the two to part ways.
Chimbera filed the divorce papers claiming the marriage between the two had irretrievably broken down.
In terms of the divorce decree, Chimbera was awarded custody of their two minor children.
“The defendant (Matangaidze) shall contribute towards the maintenance of the minor child in the sum of $1 000 per month until the said minor child attain the age of 18 years or become self-supporting, whatever occurs first, subject to variation.
“The defendant shall meet all the medical and related costs as well as school fees and ancillary school costs for the minor child. Pending paying the sum of US$25 000 referred to in clause 7.1 of the consent paper, defendant shall pay maintenance in respect of the plaintiff in the sum of $1 000,” High Court judge Webster Chinamora ruled.
In terms of the consent document, Matangaidze will have access to the children on alternative holidays, weekends and on special occasions.
Chimbera was further awarded two cars, all laundry and salon equipment, household furniture, while Matangaidze was given two cars, butchery equipment as well as part of the household furniture.
In the consent paper signed by both parties, it was also agreed that their Borrowdale home will be shared equally between the parties.
“The property shall be disposed after 12 months from the date of the court order at a price mutually acceptable to both parties. Alternatively, the property may be sold to any interested purchaser after six months from the date of the court’s order on the strict condition that the purchase price in such a sale shall not be less than US$180 000.
“In the event of either of the parties willing to buy out the other’s share in the property before the expiration of the 12 months period … then and in that event, that party shall pay the other the sum of US$100 000 in order to acquire full ownership of rights in the property with effect from the date of such full payment,” the consent paper reads.

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