Ex-cop releases second book

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Jeffrey Muvundusi


A FORMER top cop from Bulawayo who recently retired to concentrate on his writing dream is back with another must read book, Whispers of the mind.

Last year Saul Utete published his debut book, Reading printout from the invisible, which was well received.

Utete, who was a finger print expert with the country’s law enforcement agency, yesterday said he now has more time to himself to churn out more literature.

“I recently retired from the force and am now working as a consultant. However, this gives me more time to fulfil my dream of informing and educating the nation through literature,” he said during the launch of his second project this week.

The new book is a collection of English poems which tackles a variety of issues that affect society.

“I take each day as a writing challenge because all my works are largely influenced by what I see, what I experience and what I hear; in other words I am inspired by the day-to-day life in society,” he said.

“But above all I am more than inspired by the fact that my first book did very well in the market, so I am very confident that this one will probably do well. That means a lot to my career and it gives me more energy to churn out more literature.”

The project, according to Utete, is aimed at bringing back the reading culture, particularly among the youths who now spend most of their time on social media.

The book was published by Choice Community Media publishing company.

Born in 1970, in Buhera, Utete joined the police in 2000, before he was elevated to a fingerprint expert 10 years later.

In 2014, Utete was one of the few officers who were deployed to India for advanced fingerprint science studies.


He served in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) till his retirement this year.

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