Everybody needs water


EDITOR — We read in the press that the city of Harare has started supplying water again and would be distributing it to suburbs consistently, with the precious liquid flowing from taps in some suburbs after the whole city went without last week.
This announcement initially brought a sense of relief and significantly raised our spirits. But why always the mention of selected areas i.e western suburbs, Highfield, Mbare, Sunningdale and the CBD?

What about the rest of the suburbs? This is disturbing as some of those areas that are not mentioned always have outbreaks of typhoid and cholera.

We know of the problems associated with water but fairness is all we ask for. Whatever water is being supplied must be shared fairly amongst all the ratepayers,

Harare is not animal farm where some ratepayers are more equal than others! City of Harare must draw up an equitable water rationing timetable for all suburbs.

Here in Glendale, since the announcement there has not been a single drop from our taps.

We appeal to our councillors and MPs as our representatives to ensure that we all get water in Harare.

Water is a basic human right which every one must have access to.

Harare Resident.

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