Employment creation now a matter of urgency


EDITOR — Zimbabwe has not been spared the Covid-19 effects. The rate of business haemorrhaging from Zimbabwe is abnormal and unbelievable as reflected by the presence of vendors who are trickling in the capital’s CBD.
Despite the strict Covid-19 restrictions, pavements, are once again reduced into footpaths in evening, a sign the country’s chronic unemployment has not been solved, to the extent of using the formula for calculating the area of a rectangle to find the area of a triangle.

Surely, the Zimbabwean economy, which is in the hands of politicians, will see no joy as rising numbers of vendors are bulldozing their way into the city centre through anyway possible. We had been left with no proper businesses other than food outlets, which were haphazardly sprouting across the CBD, leading to the extinction of industrial areas, which have been reduced to ghost structures mainly as a result of poor governance by politicians.

With the large number of graduates being churned out by the country’s universities and colleges, the issue of  economic resuscitation is not a joke and needs to be treated as a matter of urgency since graduates are now being reduced to vendors, if not beggars, across the country, a scenario that was rare in the 1990s.

With the informal sector acting as the cash cow of the country’s fiscus, the Zimbabwean education system is being squeezed into a tasteless academic pulp that is irrelevant on the economic landscape.

What we need now are tangible and positive changes in the economy such as the opening up of industries, a booming agricultural sector buttressing the country’s financial sector, not the negligible and almost useless colonisation of our once prosperous economy by the present “bhero” and “sadza” economy.
CZ, Harare

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