Electricity tariffs up by 19pc


THE Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has increased electricity tariffs by 19,02 percent with effect from March 1.

In line with the new tariffs, the first 50 units of the month have been increased from $0,41 (41 cents) per kWh to $0,49 (49 cents) per kWh.

This means the first 50 units of electricity for the month which used to cost $20,50 will now cost $24,50.

The next 150 units which used to cost $136,50 now cost $162,00. This follows the increase in the price of the electricity tariffs under this band from 91c per kWh to $1,08 per kWh.

The lifeline of 200 units of electricity which are sold at a lower price now cost $186,50 up from $157.
According to, after the first 200 units have been consumed, $4,61 per kWh will be charged, up from the previous $3,87 per kWh.

ZETDC said the increase is in line with the monthly tariff indexation formula adopted in October last year.

“This is in accordance with the Tariff Award of October 2, 2019, which approved implementation of monthly tariff indexation formula, that takes into account the movement of macroeconomic fundamentals such as exchange rate and inflation, for changes above 10 percent … effective 1 March 2020,” said ZETDC in a statement.

Under the new tariffs the agriculture sector will now be charged $1,08 per unit for electricity, industry mining and commercial sectors will pay $2,38, from $0,91 and $2,00 respectively.

“The rates are exclusive of the six percent Rural Electrification Levy and 15 percent Vat (value added tax),” ZETDC added.

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