ED stresses over corona 

Sindiso Mhlophe
PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa said yesterday his government was concerned by the escalating local spread of the lethal coronavirus, the Daily News reports.

This comes as more and more returning Zimbabweans are fleeing quarantine centres across the country, due to the dire conditions of these facilities.
It also comes as a total of eight Zimbabweans have now succumbed to the deadly virus which has infected more than 700 people since it was first reported in the country in March this year.
Speaking in Harare yesterday as he received Covid-19 donations from various local companies, Mnangagwa said although the country had relatively low numbers of positive cases of the disease, compared to other nations, the spike in the number of local transmissions was worrying.
“The majority of the 716 cases we have recorded in the country … are externally imported … We are getting worried because we now see a small trend of internal transmission,” he said.
Mnangagwa added that the government was doing all it could to trace people who had escaped from quarantine centres, while also ensuring that all returning residents were tested for the virus.
“When they arrive they are tested, on the eighth day they have their second, and on the 21st day they have the third test. If all the three become negative we release them.
“So we would like to appeal to our people, families and communities that if a family member has just arrived from abroad we must insist that they have a certificate showing that they have been quarantined for the required period and they have been released.
“This is for the protection of the family itself and the community so that we make sure that we limit the spread of the pandemic,” Mnangagwa said.
This comes as the government is grappling with the increasing number of people who are fleeing from quarantine centres.
Only at the weekend, authorities said they were on the hunt for several returnees who had fled a quarantine centre in Beitbridge — which hosts returning residents from South Africa.
Incidentally, the highest number of Covid-19 infections has been recorded among returning Zimbabweans from South Africa.
Police have so far arrested 120 people for escaping from quarantine centres.
Meanwhile, medical experts have once again warned authorities to fix quarantine centres, to prevent the rising coronavirus infections in the country.
Speaking to the Daily News yesterday, the secretary-general of the Senior Hospital Doctors Association (SHDA) — Aaron Musara — also deplored the conditions of most quarantine centres.
“What is needed is to strengthen the quarantine facilities. We have people in quarantine centres who are sharing facilities in an unhygienic manner.
“They share ablution facilities, which is also causing the spread of the disease.
“You will find that those that are running away from the quarantine centres are trying to run away from the bad environment which they are facing in these facilities,” Musara said further.

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