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Economy will get better: ED

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says the government is working overtime to stabilise the prices of basic goods in the country.

Addressing the Zanu PF politburo in Harare yesterday, Mnangagwa also said he was optimistic about the revival of the country’s economy in the light of the measures that the government was putting in place.

“Government is currently addressing the exchange rate evil and price hikes which are a result of imported inflation.

“The participation of our people in productive and profitable economic enterprises is key.

“Our mantra and quest for the people of Zimbabwe to be masters of their destiny must translate into their greater involvement in value addition and beneficiation of our raw materials, the growing of our own food, the manufacturing of our own clothes, construction of our roads, dams, schools and clinics,” Mnangagwa said.

This comes as Zimbabweans are reeling from rising prices of basic goods, mainly in response to the rampant parallel foreign currency market and the negative effects of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

A survey by the Daily News crews in Harare and Bulawayo yesterday revealed that the prices of basic goods that include cooking oil, sugar, salt, bread, eggs, milk, mealie-meal, flour, washing powder, bathing soap and rice have gone up markedly over the past few weeks.

As a result, many Zimbabweans who spoke to the newspaper — including labour, consumer watchdogs and business — pleaded with authorities to take urgent action to remedy the situation, especially with regards to the worrying decline of the Zim dollar against the greenback.

Last week, Finance minister Mthuli Ncube said the government was alive to the economic pain of the working-class — adding that authorities were trying to fix the root causes of the problems, including inflation and currency volatility.

He said among the measures that authorities had introduced included containing fuel prices and availing more foreign currency to companies through the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ).

Meanwhile, Mnangagwa also called for Zanu PF unity ahead of elections for the party’s youth and women’s leagues.

“The conferences must help consolidate intra party unity and democracy, while also serving as a building block to party rejuvenation, modernisation and growth.

“As we prepare for our conferences of the leagues and the scheduled party congress, actions bent on sabotaging the party and dividing the membership will not be tolerated.

“Leadership in Zanu PF is not entitlement,” Mnangagwa thundered.

He added that the country should remain united and maintain the spirit which was shown on Independence Day on Monday.

“The participation of a wide cross section of people and political parties then is ample testimony of the growing patriotism among our people.

“Our country’s democracy has indeed matured. Equally, the jubilation and celebrations of our people from across the world that trended on social media platforms was reflective of a people proud of their freedom and independence.

“As Zimbabweans, we must continue on this course of unity and love for one another and for our country. Together we are stronger,” Mnangagwa said further.

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