Econet boss publishes book

ECONET Wireless Zimbabwe chief executive Douglas Mboweni has published a motivational book aimed at empowering people to discover their purpose.

Mboweni, a long-serving chief executive of one of the country’s largest businesses, yesterday said the book, titled “A Dusty Road To Success: Principles of an extraordinary life” was partly inspired by the life of his own boss, Econet founder and Zimbabwean telecoms magnate and philanthropist, Strive Masiyiwa.

“The purpose of this book is simply to share my story from childhood to college and employment, including my current role as group chief executive for a leading technology company in Zimbabwe,” said Mboweni.

“I share my heart, passion and testimony with you, as a contribution to helping you live to your full potential, just as God designed before you were born… Over the years, God has taught me crucial concepts concerning the journey of life and the essence of true success.”

Mboweni, who has been at the helm of one of Zimbabwe’s leading telecommunications companies since April 2002, indicated that he wrote the book as a way of inspiring many people across the world to lead a purposeful life and leave a legacy.

“If ever you to live an extraordinary life, you need to be purpose-driven,” he said, adding that he had discovered that many people lived aimlessly, despite being born with potential for success.

“If you channel all your effort in the wrong direction, you are bound to miss your target, consequently living a substandard life of frustration. You have to be clear on what your purpose is, so that you channel your efforts in the right direction,” he said.

Mboweni, who holds a PhD in business leadership, is credited with helping Econet navigate through turbulent times, growing it to market leadership and maintaining its profitability.

The giant mobile network operator has significantly changed the lives of ordinary people through its culture of innovation and using technology to address people’s every-day problems.

The father of three and a Baptist Church minister, Mboweni makes use of the Identity, Purpose, Empowerment, Balance, Success, Action and Legacy (IPEBSAL) model to explain how people can rediscover their identity in Christ and live purposeful lives.

The model expounds on this process, using principles that bring a new, integrated and
practical approach in answering how one can live an extraordinary life of fulfilment with a lasting legacy.

Mboweni says he has lived the “tried and tested” success principles he espouses, and that they can bring tremendous results to whoever applies them, just like he, his family and many others have discovered.

“My life changed from below average to extraordinary — and this is what pushed me to
document these life-changing lessons in the hope that someone’s life can be impacted forever. 

“I encourage you to take time to meditate on each principle and apply it to various areas of your life,” he said.

The 140-page book, published by Porcupine Press in South Africa, is being distributed by Empowering Generations and is also available online on Amazon.