Early present for afflicted Nyanga family

HUMANITARIAN organisation Alfred Dondo Foundation (ADF) presented an early Christmas gift in the form of groceries to an afflicted woman-headed family in Nyanga over the weekend.

Located in the arid Fombe village in Ruwangwe area in Nyanga, Kembo family suffers from a rare disease that has left them with hard cracked heels and palms which often bleed profusely.

The family, made up of mother Ronika and her two daughters Chisina and Nhamo and several grandchildren, believes they were cursed by their uncle who was a sangoma.

“We consulted medical doctors, prophets and even sangomas but to no avail. Doctors failed to ascertain the real cause of the condition while spiritual healers told us we have been cursed by our uncle (our mother’s father),” Chisina said.

The entire family hardly moves around due to excruciating nagging pain and as a result performing domestic chores is almost impossible. Owing to this, hunger becomes a regular guest to the Kembo family.

Located about 444km from Harare, Fombe village is one of the most remote areas in the country where farming is difficult to sustain.

“The area is dry; the nearest borehole is located some kilometres from here. We even struggle for drinking water and even worse still food. At times we go for weeks without proper meal. We really appreciate the help we get from well-wishers such as the ADF,” she said.

Some abusive men in the village have been reportedly taken advantage of the Kembo family predicament for their own advantages.

The men visit the family, perform some household chores and in return solicit for sexual favours.

“Now our children are the once doing most of the domestic chores here. We are grateful,” she said.

One of the ADF officials Tracy Ngoma pledged more support to the family.

“If resources permit, we would like to continuously coming here, help you with the little we have. We heard of your plight and we took it upon ourselves to assist,” she said.

The ADF, a charity arm of the Impala Car Rental, is also looking after more than 60 school going children, mainly in Chivhu and Sadza districts in Mashonaland East.