Stanely Chirambadare was charged with aggravated indecent assault.

Dyanamos legend Chirambadare acquitted

DYNAMOS Football Club legend and junior coach Stanley Chirambadare, who was accused of sexually abusing a 13-year-old boy under his tutelage and threatening him with death if he revealed the matter, has been cleared of the allegations.

Chirambadare was charged with aggravated indecent assault, but he denied them as a fabrication when he appeared before regional magistrate Themba Kuwanda.

In acquitting him, the court ruled that there were inconsistencies in the evidence of the complainant and other witnesses.

The State alleged that on March 21 last year, the boy went to Chirambadare’s place to tidy up as he used to do with his friend where they would be given sweets by the football development coach.

The State claimed that the boy was inside and Chirambadare closed the door before grabbing him by the waist and bending him and pulled the boy’s pants down before sexually violating him.

Further allegations were that after the act, Chirambadare threatened the boy with death if he revealed the matter to anyone and that the sexual abuse was repeated on several occasions till the boy developed some piles which required medication.

The teenager then told his uncle about the abuse and a report was made to the police resulting in his arrest.

In his defence, Chirambadare, however, denied ever inviting any of the boys to clean his house, saying he had some female friends who assisted with that.

He said the boy had even left his club in 2020 and that there was no training during the alleged period due to Covid-19.

He argued that instead it was the boy who was in the habit of abusing other boys and that he made the allegations under duress.

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