Duo in lockdown inspired poems


Anesu Mirisawu

THE Covid-19 lockdown has come as a blessing for poet Misheck Jaravaza who together with his close friend Thabo Quedani have had time to put together a collection of their poems.

The duo has come up with an amazing poem book titled The Virtuous Demon. “The book serves as an inspiration that we can do more in a situation like this, including writing books.

The poems cover issues to do with love, hate, enlightenment and the betrayal that this world we live in can offer. Writing has become my way of expressing myself,” Quedani said.

The poem Matters of the heart for instance reflects on the sensitive part. “The power of deception is not different from the power of death, deceit is a sword that pierces the victim ruthlessly and one must be cautious,” Jaravaza added.

Besides the lockdown, Jaravaza was also inspired by the manager of Beckro publishers Bhekinkosi Ngomambi. “I was inspired by one of the publishers, Ngomambi who taught me much about writing as a skill. This is actually my first book and I am still proposing a launch.”

His vision is to set standards for his future. “My vision is to set standards for the world plus I have a mission to accomplish, I am very aware of the negative and positive impacts of the accomplishments at hand.”

Jaravaza said he has more to work on and help in the poetry sector. “I am not going to stop here but I will move forward and might discover a new talent . . . because it is all about taking risks and discovering your potential.”

Besides writing books, Jaravaza is a debater and a public speaker as well, an upper six student studying at Waddilove High School located in Marondera. He was born in Harare in a family of three and he is the last born. He attended Frank Johnson Primary and proceeded to Waddilove High School in Marondera.

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