Driver fined for killing boy

A HARARE man Maramba Tserai Robson has evaded jail after he was fined $40 000 for running over and killing a young boy after he proceeded through an amber traffic light in Chisipiti. 

The 41-year-old, who works as a driver, will serve a six-month jail term if he fails to pay the fine while his driver’s licence was also suspended for six months. 

Prosecutor Rufaro Chonzi proved that on September 17, Robson was driving towards Chisipiti Shopping Centre and failed to stop at a traffic light which was reflecting amber. 

The traffic lights were functioning properly, but because of negligence, Robson proceeded through the intersection and hit the deceased juvenile, who had already crossed the two leading lanes. 

Chonzi further stated that Robson witnessed the juvenile panicking in shock and raising hands when he saw the car driving in full speed towards him.  

But since Robson was speeding, he failed to brake and then hit the juvenile with the centre part of his vehicle. The young boy was carried on the bonnet of the car for a number of metres before he was thrown on to the asphalt head first and died on the spot. 

The court noted that Robson had shown remorse as he did not waste the court’s time by pleading guilty and was convicted of a lesser charge of ordinary negligence as opposed to gross negligence.  

The court also noted that the situation would have been different if Robson had crossed through a red traffic light which would have resulted in gross negligence instead.  

Robson was also a first-time offender and also helped the young boy’s family with the funeral costs.